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Point Roberts Computer Wireless Services
WiFi allows all your wireless devices to work together in your home. From connecting Smart Phones to Smart Home to Security, we can help you set up WiFi in your home.
You may already have WiFi from your Internet Provider. If not, we can help you select a Wireless Router to provide WiFi throughout your home.

What you can do with WiFi at Home
  • If you have a Laptop and WiFi you already know you connect to The Internet using your WiFi service. Is your connection safe?
  • Connect your Smart Phone to your home WiFi. Most phones now support WiFi Calling. When making or receiving phone calls there are no charges for minutes when connected to your WiFi!
  • Stream Movies to Any TV in your Home.
  • Listen to Music on Speakers with WiFi.
  • If you have Security Cameras you can Monitor your Home from your Smart Phone.
  • Turn your Smart Phone into a Remote Control. Change channels on your TV Streaming Device, Turn your Home Security System on or off and check your security status, control Smart Home Devices like lights and music.
  • WiFi allows your Smart Home devices to talk to each other. If you have an Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot or Roku Streaming Devices, WiFi allows your Echo and Dot to work together, and there's no cable needed for Streaming Devices!
  • Send Documents to Your Printer from Any Computer or Smart Phone.

We hear about companies being hacked, but what about your Home WiFi? Can someone sit outside your house and hack into your computer because your password is still "password"? Is your Wireless Router configured correctly to stop hackers? Currently the best security is WPA2 with WPS disabled. Is your Wireless Router set up this way with a secure password? I can help you with your Wireless Security.

Once you have "The Internet" in your home, through Cable, Satellite or WiFi, you need a "Network" to route the service to the locations where you need service. Sometimes the Router provided by your Internet Provider is sufficient, and sometimes you need more ports. We will work with your needs to provide an estimate of hardware and consulting costs.

If you are having problems reaching the Internet, or "Dead Spots", we can help determine the problem and provide an estimate of hardware and consulting costs.

Pricing (in USD)
  • In-Home Evaluation Fee - $35 *
  • Hourly Rate - $50 **

* Initial fee to come to your home and evaluate the issue and provide an estimate.
** Hourly Rate applies after you agree to the estimate, with a minimum of 1 Hour.

Seniors get a 10% Discount on the final bill!
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