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Personalized Computer Training at Home
Do you need 1 on 1 help with your computer? We can provide In-Home Tutoring to help you with almost any Windows OS and Applications.

When you have a Computer Problem you can:
    • Ignore the problem or try to work around it.
    • Turn off the computer until you can find a friend or family member who can help.
    • Get the Training You Need to solve Computer Issues Yourself!

  • Understand how your computer works and the components that make up a PC.
    • Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Speakers & Printers
    • Processor, Memory, Video & Power
  • Windows OS Help
  • Transferring Photos from phones and tablets
  • Printing
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Other Windows Applications
    • Facebook
    • Internet Browsers
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Internet Explorer
      • and more!
  • Local Applications
    • PAWS

Classroom Environment
Do you have a group of people that needs to learn the Basics or Specific Applications? We can teach a small group in a classroom environment provided all students have their own "portable" computers.

Contact us for more information about the Classroom Environment.

Pricing (in USD)
  • In-Home Evaluation Fee - $35 *
  • Hourly Rate - $40 **

Seniors get a 10% Discount on the final bill!

* Initial fee to come to your home to discuss your Tutoring Needs and provide an estimate.
** Hourly Rate applies after you agree to the estimate, with a minimum of 1 Hour, and then split into 15 minute increments.

Example: You need to learn how to download pictures from your phone or camera to your computer.
  1. We will come to your home and discuss your needs and verify the phone and computer have the latest software and you have the correct cable in good condition. We will provide an estimate of time to train you, and schedule the training.This will cost $35.
  2. The minimum charge for the training is $40. For 1 Hour and 10 minutes the cost is $50. Learning how to download your pictures usually does not take more than an hour.
  3. I will download some pictures to show you how it works. The training is complete when you are comfortable downloading pictures on your own without assistance.

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