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Home Theater
Home Theater Services
Home Theaters come in many shapes and sizes. Working with the layout with the room you want to use, we can help you decide what you need, or how to set up what you have, seating, speaker placement and wiring.
Some things to think about:
  • The Room
    • Indoor - Living Room, Family Room or Dedicated Theater Room
      • Size? Carpeted? Wall Construction? System Component Location?
    • Outdoor Home Theater - Do you have a covered area and a beautiful view?
      • This may require more powerful speakers. How close are your neighbors?
  • Screen Size and Type - Flat Screen TV or Projector?
  • Home Theater Receiver / Preamp/Amp Combination? 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 Channels?
  • Speakers - Wired or Wireless? Size? Location? Subwoofer size and location?
  • Source Components - Blu-Ray, DVD, Ultra-HD, CD, Turntable, Antenna/Cable/Satellite, Gaming Consoles, Computers and Internet Streaming -  What do you need?
  • Surge Protection - Point Roberts has Power Outages! Protect your equipment!
  • Connection Cabling - Speaker Wiring
  • Controller - Remote Controls

So many things to consider! We can help you decide what is best for your Budget and Room Size.
There are many online Buying Guides and Instructions to walk you through these decisions. Did you make the right choices?

Point Roberts Computers can help!

Pricing (in USD)
  • In-Home Evaluation Fee - $35 *
  • Hourly Rate - $50 **

* Initial fee to come to your home and evaluate the issue and provide an estimate.
** Hourly Rate applies after you agree to the estimate, with a minimum of 1 Hour.

Seniors get a 10% Discount on the final bill!
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