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Do-It-Yourself Home Security
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Home Security
There are so many Home Security options out there that it can get very confusing very fast!  You can have a Security company install all your sensors, cameras and keypad or you can Do It Yourself (DIY).  You can guess which is cheaper!  Here are some things to consider (from PC Magazine):
  • Upfront Costs $$
  • Monthly Fees $$
  • Monitoring $$
  • Installation $$
  • Cell Backup
  • Power Outage Backup
  • Sensor Types - Motion Sensors (with or without Photos), Indoor / Outdoor Cameras, Smoke Alarms, Glass Vibration or Glass Shatter Sensors, Water Sensors, Keypads, Key Fobs, External Sirens & More.
  • 3rd Party Apps like Z-Wave, ZigBee and IFTTT (If This Then That)
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility (Amazon Alexa, Google Home)

Once you decide to have the Security company or DIY installation, you have to choose which service or Kit you want to buy. Here is a LINK to PC Magazine's Top 10 Security Systems for 2019. A subset of these are DIY Kits. Here is a LINK to PC Magazine's Top 10 DIY Home Security Systems. These are provided here because "Googling" "Home Security" brings up web sites that are owned by security companies and naturally theirs is on the top! PC Magazine at least is not as biased! The owner of Point Roberts Computers took almost a month to decide which system to buy! That system has since been at the top of several lists of DIY Home Security Systems.

Abode Security Solutions
The Abode Security System is one of the most flexible security systems available with the option to self-monitor, or purchase a 7 day, 14 day, monthly and yearly plans. Very few other Security Companies offer this type of monitoring.  Abode also works with many 3rd party devices, like electronic door locks, light switches & Dimmers, Plug-In Switches, Leak Sensors, Water Main Shutoff,  Light Bulbs, Garage Door Controllers and Appliance Switches and many other Z-Wave and ZigBee devices. IFTTT is also supported!

The system can be configured to enable the alarm when you leave an area (called a geofence) and disable the alarm when you return, turn on lights at dusk, off at dawn, provide unique passcodes for delivery and repair personnel and much more!

Abode also works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Sonos! Arm and disarm your home, lock or unlock smart doors, check for open windows and doors with voice commands. The "Smart Home" helps you save time, keeping your family secure  all at an affordable price!
Pricing (in USD)
  • Click on the link at the top of the page to see pricing for Abode Security Systems, Sensors and Accessories.
  • In-Home Evaluation Fee - $35 *
  • Hourly Rate - $50 **
  • Flat Installation Fees available. ***

* Initial fee to come to your home and evaluate the issue and provide an estimate.
** Hourly Rate applies after you agree to the estimate, with a minimum of 1 Hour.
*** Flat Fees may be advantagous depending on the work required.
Pricing does not apply to the purchase of Security Kits.

Seniors get a 10% Discount on the final bill!
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