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Computer Access Scam

Point Roberts Computer Services
Published by in Computer Scams · 8 February 2020
Tags: computerscams
Two customers were attacked by a Scam Artist posing as a Software Business offering refunds if you give them access to your computer and then want your bank information!

The customers did not give their bank account information but DID allow the Scammer to access their computer. When the customer refused to give their bank account information the Scammer changed the customer's computer access passwords, preventing them from logging on to their computer.

I was able to restore access for both customers.

If you get a call from someone claiming to represent a Software Company telling you that you have their software on your computer and offer a refund of several hundred dollars if you allow them access to your computer, hang up the phone. Do NOT allow anyone access to your computer using Remote Desktop or some other program. Note the phone number and any information they gave you and report them to the proper authorities.

If you have been Scammed and cannot access your computer, please call Point Roberts Computer Services and we will come out to your house and help create new passwords allowing you back on to your computer!

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