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Does the back of your TV Setup look like this?
TV, Audio & Video Streaming Services
We can help you select and / or set up your new Big Screen TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Media Streaming & Audio devices.  Placement and configuration is Key to a comfortable viewing experience! We can help with purchase decisions, setting up all the equipment including installation & wall mounting TVs, wiring, speaker placement, remote console consolidation, Networking / WiFi and teaching how to use all the equipment!  

Some things to think about!
  • If you are purchasing new equipment, did you research before buying? We can help you purchase the right equipment for the best viewing experience!
  • You may have the knowlege to set up these devices, but do you have the time? Time in Point Roberts is precious! Would you rather spend a sunny Saturday on the Beach or setting up a TV system?
  • Did you remember to buy a Surge Protector?
    • Winter storms in Point Roberts caused surges and brought down power poles; power turning on and off can destroy your expensive equipment! Protect your equipment by using a high quality Surge Protector with included insurance covering any losses. We highly recommend utilizing a Surge Protector, and can help you determine which one to get!
  • See our Home Theater Services page to see other "things to think about"!
Point Roberts Computer ServicesPoint Roberts Computer Services
Pricing (in USD)
  • In-Home Evaluation Fee - $35 *
  • Hourly Rate - $50 **

* Initial fee to come to your home and evaluate the situation and provide an estimate.
** Hourly Rate applies after you agree to the estimate, with a minimum of 1 Hour. Subsequent rates are in 1/4 hour increments.

Seniors get a 10% Discount on the final bill!

Let us help you turn your cabling mess into this!

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