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About Us

Point Roberts Computer Services is new to The Point, but we are not! John and his wife have been visiting family in Point Roberts for 25+ years and have always dreamed of moving here to retire.  We finally moved to Point Roberts to be near Family, and start a Computer Business here. John is a 30+ year veteran of the Computer and Electronics Industry working for companies like Intel Corporation. John began his career before the original IBM Personal Computers and DOS were released and has worked on PCs and programs up to the latest High Speed Gaming PCs and Windows 10. John's expertise is in Personal Computer Repair, Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Multiple Popular Software Applications, Networking, WiFi and the Internet. John also has experience setting up Home Theater Systems, Do-It-Yourself Home Security Systems, Smart Home Systems & Automation and connecting everything together in your home. John can provide options specific to your needs. We can answer most of your Computer questions, and if we don't have the answer, we will find the answer.
Why Us?
We service the Point Roberts area only. The closest computer repair shop is in Tsawwassen, and it's all in-shop (and more expensive). Many issues can be fixed without bringing your system to the shop. However, we will tell you if the PC needs to be completely taken apart, which does require in-shop service.

* Point Roberts local personal references available on request.

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